Gantry robots are amongst the most effective automation solutions for production processes.

Because of the modularity related to its design, the loader can not only create large travels and work spaces, but also masters huge loads. The operation and programming of gantry loaders is no big deal thanks to its linear axes. This is a crucial factor, especially in producing small batches.

There are two possibilities for loading the machine: from above through a loading hatch or through the open machine door.  This approach ensures free access to the machine without requiring much space which is a major advantage in smaller production areas and regarding retrofit  of automation solutions.  Furthermore, it allows for quick and easy (un)loading of workpieces, simple quality control and prompt intervention. Standardised FRAI module components (weight category up to max. 200 kg; special components up to 1000 kg workpiece weight) provide the guarantee  for a smooth process.

The motion sequence is both simple and efficient. Gantry robots are most often equipped with a double gripper allowing for shorter workpiece changing times. One of the grippers takes up a raw part at the storage, the other one puts down the manufactured part. Afterwards, the double gripper moves into the machine to collect the manufactured part and hands over the new raw part to the clamping unit.

Advantages of gantry loaders at a glance

Tailored to your production requirements

Ideal for smaller areas

Precise insertion and positioning of raw parts and machined parts

Switch easily from one workpiece or process to another one

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