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Mobile Robot Automation powered by FRAI Robotic Technologies

Automation tasks are becoming ever more challenging. Using intelligent software in combination with the relevant automation solutions not only enables…

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Andreas Bitzyk

Mobile Robot Automation - the interview

An interview with Sales Manager Andreas Bitzyk, FRAI Robotic Technologies and Managing Director Manfred Fahrion, Autania Engineering.

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MRA – A new dimension in automation

Humanity‘s greatest developments are based on enabling highly effective work processes. In Ancient Egypt, workers used machinery to construct…

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Automation with linear and area gantry

FRAI specialises in the development and production of flexible automation systems. Depending on the customer's requirements, different automation…

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Turnkey system for a totally flexible and fully integrated machining line

Automated and flexible systems are now playing a crucial role in the production of workpieces. WFL Millturn Technologies has taken a decisive step…

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The expert for tailor-made automation solutions

With their tailor-made automation solutions for complete machining centers, WFL and FRAI stand for the highest level of competence. It is not just the…

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Automation with multiple chaining

Four MILLTURN machines are linked with the help of a central automation system. By automatically changing the clamping jaws, tailstock centers and…

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Robotic Solutions

Well-known companies from films such as “UMBRELLA Corporation“, “SKYNET“ or even “STARK Industries“ are often closer to reality than you may think.…

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High-tech automation solutions

WFL Millturn Technologies has always been involved in the area of automation. From articulated robots to gantry loaders, all systems that are combined…

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Perfekte Symbiose

Perfect Symbiosis - United Technologies

WFL Millturn Technologies acquires FRAI Elektromaschinenbau GmbH. October 2018: Linz, Austria – WFL takes over 100% of FRAI Elektromaschinenbau GmbH.

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