MRA – A new dimension in automation

Concepts such as the mobileCELL are considered an absolute novelty, enable a wide variety of expansion stages and thus offer the greatest possible future security and competitiveness.
Automated Guided Vehicle
The AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) picks up the requested tools and workpieces in the warehouse, then drives in front of themachine, locks itself to the ground and changes parts and/or tools.

Humanity‘s greatest developments are based on enabling highly effective work processes. In Ancient Egypt, workers used machinery to construct remarkable structures in a simple manner. This is a culture which understood, even back then, how important it is to simplify processes. Today, continuous progress has made its way into many industries and helps WFL to automate extensive processes.

After gripper arm robots, linear systems, and gantry systems, another big development is now picking up pace: the MRA (Mobile Robot Automation) will soon play an important role at WFL and FRAI. One of WFL‘s main aims is to always be productive and to provide customers with solutions that suit their requirements. As it requires minimal operating effort and offers 24/7 productivity, Mobile Robot Automation is also suitable for smaller batch sizes. But what exactly is an MRA? This is a robot which, for example, can take blanks from storage location A to machining location B, clamps them in a machine while also storing them in a vehicle storage location and transporting them away. The specified travel paths are fully automated and satisfy the highest safety standards to avoid any kind of collision. The vehicle also has an onboard navigation system and special load securing equipment. Its omnidirectional wheels enable sophisticated manoeuvres through narrower areas of the production hall. The MRA solutions can be operated on several machines, if the machining times are aligned with the travel paths. When it comes to design, WFL and FRAI have opted for an elegant, linear design. The perfectly structured shape and the safety system offer protection and, above all, ensure a quick and sustained flow in production. As usual, the design goes hand in hand with ergonomic features. Accessibility and excellent handling were focal points during the development process.

The fully autonomous vehicle charges at the socket provided and is a huge boost for a company‘s future production. The mobileCELL from WFL and FRAI is off to a flying start, looking to the future with a combination of safety and high productivity.


  • 24/7 production with minimal operating effort
  • Also suitable for small batch sizes
  • Ideal for repeat orders
  • Customer-specific options such as outward transfer of samples, inscribing, cleaning, blank measuring, etc.
  • Additional machining using robots (e.g. deburring)
  • Camera-based recognition system
  • Data exchange via Profibus or OPC-UA
  • Space in front of the machine is completely clear
  • The mobileCELL is only briefly at the machine for workpiece changes
  • The mobileCELL can transport and replace both workpieces and tools
  • Takes on intralogistics tasks
  • Set-up station can be anywhere (not tied to the machine locally)
  • The mobileCELL can incorporate upstream or downstream processes
  • Washing, deburring, painting, measuring, checking, etc.
  • If running times are suitably long, four machines can be automated with an MRA solution, for example
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