The use of articulated robots within robotic cells proves to be one of the most flexible automation solutions for production machines and processes.

No matter if limited access to the machine, complex motion sequences, short cycle times or other additional tasks (deburring, cleaning, orientation, turning, etc.) – the articulated robot will find its way. Thanks to their mobility, articulated robots are versatile handling systems for assembly, handling and machining tasks.

The operation and programming of gantry loaders is no big deal for the operator thanks to FRAI’s excellent support. This is a crucial factor for the production of big and small batches sizes as well as for series production.

The motion sequence of articulated robots is both flexible and extraordinary. The kinematic robotic arm can be equipped with various end effectors for gripping, lifting, positioning and holding. Another advantage is that several different procedures can be carried out using this automation solution. After positioning a raw part, the flexible arm can collect other semi-finished parts and pass them on to the next processing step.

With regard to modern industry robots, FRAI has direct access to brand new developments and the entire range of possibilities because of a long-standing system partnership (e.g. KUKA system partner with gold status). Thanks to the mature portfolio comprising standard robots of many different sizes, FRAI can efficiently implement projects featuring workpiece weights from 0.1 kg to 1000 kg.

You are looking for a coordinated interplay of different robots or want to move robots on additional axes? No problem for FRAI. An intelligent combination of relevant modules allows for flexible and affordable single robotic cells as well as complex interlinking of several machine tools or follow‑up processes.

Advantages of robotic cells at a glance

High mobility thanks to kinematics

Masters heavy loads

Carries out several tasks simultaneously

Changes workpieces and processes easily

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